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  Weakly alkaline? Its just marketing gimmick of business: Tim net water purification Views: 570 Time: 2016-9-12 9:52:17 Tim net water purifier pH central issue of bottled water has been heat transfer in micro letter. Drinking water pH once again become the focus of attention. PH value of water quality and water quality in the end have anything to do with health? Drinking alkaline water is really more healthy? Zhu Yi responded similarly weak alkaline water helps to human health, the concept of human physique acidity, are still not enough scientific evidence to support. "Alkaline water" more for the business of marketing selling point. Zhao Feihong explanation, not a measure of acidity or bad water quality indicators. For example, how much water contaminants inside, unable to show a PH value. Weak alkaline water and in the gastrointestinal was weak base we often say water, PH value means water slightly greater than 7. Zhu Yi explained, the bodys internal environment is relatively stable equilibrium, PH value is generally between 7.35 to 7.45. The human body environment will not drink acid substances that the body can withstand, the pH change itself. After weak base water to drink down, and will not be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and in the interior will be. For soda popular in recent years, Zhao Feihong explained, is simply added to soda bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate in water. But in the experiments we found that this should be rendered alkaline soda has an acidic. Nanjing University Associate Professor Zhao Bin analysis, citric acid soda, water was added and related substances, Suanwei drink, soda water itself also different partial astringent taste. Zhao Feihong explained that at present, a lot of soda drinks belong to the scope, add sour agents, preservatives, sweeteners, etc., improve the acidic and other functional role is not called.

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