What is the harm drinking water overnight


   the overnight water is to put a night of drinking water, many people say can not drink the water overnight, then you know what harm drinking water overnight? Xiaobian tell you.




our daily lives, the water is too common too common. But perhaps for this reason that most people do not understand what to drink water every day, drink water, when to drink water ...... and this directly affects our health, especially when many say can not drink the water overnight, then we overnight know why not drink the water? Many people think that there are a lot of water overnight bacteria, but also can be carcinogenic nitrite, lets take a look at the overnight drinking water, what harm it.


long set of organic nitrogen-containing water will continue to be broken down into nitrite, at the same time, it is inevitable that the microorganisms involved in the decomposition of organic nitrogen is accelerated. Nitrite is well known to harm the body, it has a strong ability to bind to hemoglobin in vivo, impede normal blood oxygen transport function, but also easy to cause cancer. So, the best drinking water that day.


In addition, many families used to drink bottled water, seemingly well-sealed bottled water should be drunk within three or four days. Because a long time to open bottled water, bacteria slipped in along the inlet, and the water dispenser at a negative pressure will also inevitably part of the air intake, and the bacteria and microorganisms in the air will "Cheng Xu into. " If you do not finish the short term, the bacteria will be exceeded, pure water is no longer pure.


life, some people are afraid of the water is not clean, running water to burn ten minutes after the drink, also known as "thousands of boiling water." Experts say, this habit is wrong. In some places, the mineral content of the water itself is relatively high, the water burned a long time, after evaporation of water vapor, mineral elements on the water condensed, such as water content which in itself lead is qualified, after a long period of time after the burn, condensed water, the water will fail. Further, the water is disinfected with chlorine to some organic pollutants in water, when combined with chlorine, it forms a by-product sterilization, a Class A carcinogen, longer burn time, disinfection byproducts the amount is higher. Before people say steamer can not drink water, drink, and toxic, water steamer is repeated burning, what it means.


The heating time is longShould it? Experiments have shown that the best is a boil turn off the heat, boil water after, most of the bacteria can be eliminated, in general, in addition to the kind of Bacillus bacteria, other bacteria and viruses at about 80 degrees and he died.


These are small as we introduce hazards of water overnight, hoping to be helpful to everyone, but some experts say there is a drink of water overnight, Xiao Bian think to put a long time, especially those without a lid in the cup of water overnight is best not to drink, and certainly the body is no good, if you want to learn more knowledge of small household drinking water, it would continue to focus on Internet cafes.




Editor: Liu Changli

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