Water coin sale of water clean it


   Now many communities there are several coin sale of water, convenient area residents drinking water, then the coin sale of water water clean? Xiaobian together to learn to understand it.




Today, more and more cells appeared water purification equipment coin sale of water and the like, for area residents to provide a convenient, inexpensive price and because so many residents choose using the cell water purification machines, coin sale of water, safe water machines?


Coin water dispenser water is not absolute safety, health, in general, calcium and magnesium content of the cell water purifier is too low, if long-term consumption, then it might cause great damage to health, also affect child growth and development. In addition, because the cell water purifier long unsupervised, with no time to replace the filter often, health situation is worrisome. Here Xiaobian take a look at the coin sale of water water clean?


appears district water purifier has been welcomed by many families, because after the cell water purifier treatment, chlorine is removed, it is a lot of benefits families of fancy, therefore, many residents drinking water purifier will choose a cell treated water.


drinking water agencies to experts, the sale of water content in produced water belonged soft water, water, calcium, magnesium and other minerals is very low, not suitable for long-term consumption. World Health Organization announced later demonstrated experimentally, too soft water will make the human body, including various lipase activity decreased, long-term drinking can increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Especially children drinking too soft water, enzyme activities, growth and development will be affected. In addition, if, soft water used in cooking when cooking, will lead to the loss of food nutrients into the water.


expert put forward three proposals for the residents:


1, not too soft water will be purified water such as conventional drinking water, drinking is often not possible.


2, pure water without the use of cooking, in order to avoid the loss of some minerals and other nutrients.


3, if long-term use of pure water, pure water residents can be two and a blending tap water, boil before drinking. In this case, impurities in tap water will be diluted, purified water, there has been minerals and other nutrients, to achieve complementary effects.


These are the coin sale of water in small series to introduce some clean water whether the content, we try not to drink directly after this,Poor health, drink plenty of water to drink is not the best method for drinking water safety of his family, we have a need to have some more knowledge of small household drinking water.




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