Talk about coffee rather large poly opportunities 2019 Forum


2019 home building industry Summit Forum Golden Hedgehog Award Top Ten Brand award ceremony will be held in Anhui Ningguo Bo Grand Dynasty Hotel November 5, meeting the media to join the network by the Teng Wangs nine co-hosted website and broadcast live. Forum "vault starting from the heart of China" as its theme, aims to build the industrys elite, the establishment of multi-field, multi-dimensional industry platform.


Golden Hedgehog Award


2019 is the industrys rapid progress in a year, my countrys home building industry is developing rapidly, the industry scale faster. As the highest market, one of the most competitive industries, the current number of home building materials market brand after another, in order to highlight the various areas of sub-brand under the building materials industry development potential and brand value, investment value and show the influence of the enterprise, " Golden hedgehog Award "have come into being.


vault China from the heart


Teng Wang Network Media as a senior media industry, which owns gold hedgehog Investment Network, the Chinese integrated kitchen network, the whole house custom network, Teng Wang diatom mud network, Teng Wang water purification network device, Wang Teng top wall network, network doors Wang Teng Teng Wang plate network, network Teng Wang doors and windows and other nine sites, initiated by Wang Teng network media "vault China from the heart" home building industry Summit Forum 2019 gold hedgehog award presentation ceremony will join the top ten brands of home building materials one hundred brands, the industry witnessed the development of a new journey.


witness the strength of Honor announced


September 26, 2019, the first "Golden Hedgehog Award Top Ten brand" network selection activities come to an end, through comprehensive consideration of the companys brand recognition, industry influence , franchisee investment reliability, consumer word of mouth, the quality of products, selling products in the market and other important parameters of comprehensive data, the final selection of the authoritative "Golden hedgehog Award top ten brands", in order to allow the brand to play a leading role model, the conference site will be the "Golden hedgehog Award Top ten brand" award ceremony.


The ceremony is about to enter the countdown, Wang Teng Internet media company taking the time to invite you to attend and share industry event!

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