Water vapor in its embryonic form, Hunan applicable tax levy

   November 29 afternoon, the second session of the Standing Committee of Hunan Province, the thirty-third meeting of the group considered the "air pollutants and water pollutants Hunan environmental taxes applicable tax decision (draft)." According to the spirit of the draft decision, to be levied Hunan air pollutants and water pollutants of environmental taxes with effect from next year, while no longer sewage charges. Wherein taxable atmospheric pollutants applicable tax intended for each equivalent of 2.4 yuan pollution, water pollution tax amount taxable proposed pollution equivalent per $ 3.

   Provincial Department of Finance Director Shi Jian Hui introduction, the collection of air pollutants and water pollutants environmental taxes, is the concrete implementation of the will from next year January 1 implementation of the "Peoples Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law," the. Environmental Protection Tax predetermined atmospheric pollutants pollution tax for each equivalent of 1.2 to 12 yuan, water pollutants pollution tax for each equivalent of 1.4 to 14 yuan, are 10 times the amplitude.

   Hunan proposed environmental tax rates by atmospheric pollutants and water pollutants Hunan compared with the current standard sewage charges levied, the tax standard air pollutants by 100%, water pollution tax standard by 114%, but tax the highest standards of environmental protection and tax law, compared still in its infancy, which takes into account both enhance pollution prevention efforts, and take into account the burden on enterprises to bear.

   It is understood, Hunan arduous and complicated task to improve the quality of the environment, the atmosphere, water pollution is heavy. According to the provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau experts estimated that the average treatment cost per Hunan atmospheric pollutants pollution equivalent of 1.76 yuan, the average treatment cost for each pollutant contaminated water equivalent of 2.85 yuan, Hunan existing sewage charges significantly lower standard pollution control costs in the enterprise, not encourage enterprises to take the initiative to pollution.

   Therefore, in order to continuously improve the environmental quality of Hunan, it is necessary to appropriately raise the standards of green taxes and green taxes levied only higher than the costs of pollution control, to motivate rather than direct corporate pollution emissions. Meanwhile, environmental tax the emission concentration is lower than a predetermined standard value of 30%, 75% reduced rate of taxation; less than 50%, 50% reduced rate of tax. This provision is more favorable than the original sewage charges only incentives halved, Hunan thermal power, cement and other key industries, most companies are able to complete the task of reducing emissions, tax benefits, thereby reducing the burden on enterprises.

   consideration, the Provincial Standing Committee members believe that the development of Hunan taxable and air pollutantsWater pollutant specific applicable tax, and consider the Hunan environmental carrying capacity, emissions and economic status of ecological requirements of social development goals, is conducive to enhancing the tax binding on pollutant emissions, encourage enterprises to establish and perfect the mechanism of pollutant emission control, to protect and improve the environment, reduce pollutant emissions, the construction of the new rich and beautiful happy Hunan important.

   Source: Hunan Daily

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