Purifier companies need to understand the layout ofhe new ma

   In the process of urbanization, the spread, the building materials industry to expand the market will follow, three or four lines market will also form a blue ocean, for water purification industry, we must first make the market layout, quickly seize the initiative, but also this market requires a clear personality and consumer demand, targeted the design of products in order to achieve the purpose of quickly dominate the market.

   water purifier companies need to recognize the new situation of the market layout

   With the depth development of water purification industry, although the first-tier cities by the water purifier highest degree of concern, but the urban market close saturation, second and third tier cities reserves its great market potential already drawn wide attention of major home business, secondary and tertiary markets will become a water purifier companies compete for the new layout key markets. Water purification industry in the future competition in the battlefield will shift to the third and fourth tier cities, it can be said third and fourth tier cities are the future of water purifier blue ocean.

   focus our water purifier market a new blue ocean: the town market

   in the region, the traditional developed regions performance is still very strong, but with the rise of the central, in-depth national policy of western development, etc. , water purifier market has quietly changed, the emergence of a new pattern. Because of its location in the eastern coastal areas, the level of economic development among the nation, its high level of income. Consumer acceptance of water purifier brand is also higher, so high-end brand of choice for consumers, while the low-end brands and brand-name in this area will be phased out; gradually as the country "strategy of central China," the central region implementation of the central economic level continuous improvement of the water purifier cabinet awareness and desire to buy are on the rise, thus contributing to the rapid development of the central water purification industry, the middle market has become Chinas most potential and the largest consumer market One.

   water purifier companies need to clear the level of consumer demand for the brand

   future market, high-end brand favored by consumers, the reason the price is relatively high-end brands civilians, in large most consumers bear within range. And although the three-brand price advantage, but more complaints, cost is not high. In the remainder of brand choice, consumers pay more attention to price. In the long run, high-end water purifier brand will dominate the future market, brand-name water purifiers will gradually be squeezed out.

   on the current water purifier market, enterprise development must not do the hopes were pinned on the external environment, trying to find business opportunities in the face of adversity still underNeed to start from their own, the only way to do market research, in-depth understanding of changes in consumer demand, can be targeted to make a response, in order to achieve efficient dominate the market.

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