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   In the rapid rise of the Internet of Things technology background, intelligent home appliances have been for the home trend. Mass consumer demand for the purchase of home appliances are experiencing practical intelligence information from economic to technological changes, the future home life, household electrical appliances must be smart, convenient, quality byword. The annual two-eleven is approaching, the day the cat belongs to a carnival small appliances, allowing interaction with the product experience more fun; a professional-level trends conference, the decryption of the future "ideal small time life."

   The Lynx 2019 small appliance trends conference held in the city of Hangzhou Intime, the United States by virtue of the "Peanuts water purifier" unique and intelligent dual-core design, this conference is invited to become the annual trend of a single product, minister of electricity supplier US net drink hot kitchen Division Malone a wonderful speech at the first conference.


   Trend: intelligent control language to make clean water more arbitrary

   as an annual trend of a single product, the United States "Peanuts water purifier" shine in the conference, study the fundamental, is the beauty of the "peanuts water purifier" Lynx rely on the spirit to achieve new exploration of artificial intelligence control in the field of water purification, so that the future trend of intelligent home appliances successfully entered the field of water purification.

   users through direct dialogue with the Lynx elves, intelligent control of peanut water purifier. Peanut water purifier can be anywhere on user needs clean water problem much users care about quick response, filter life, real-time water quality, can be "open Get", greatly enhance the users product experience.


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   Trends: Black & dual-core net filter drinking water health care

   At present, the market of household water purifiers and many more three-core, four-core to primary, having a larger volume, for the core, high cost disadvantages, US peanut water purifier filter by a full upgrade of the material, the filter PCB RO reverse osmosis membrane technology and perfect match to achieve the five-core composite filter cleaning system, effective removal of water bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances, protect the family healthy drinking water, while the intercept and adsorb impurities in the water and smell, will further enhance the taste of drinking water.



   three trends: the delicate aesthetic personality fit consumer trends

   With the 80/90 become the main force in consumer appliances, they are personalized, productQualitative consumer demand also affects the trend of consumer appliances, small appliances gradually assume the role of home decoration, beauty peanut water purifier using double curved design, the overall model as a little peanut, black and white color is not exaggerated elements, extremely minimalist aesthetic fit the current consumer groups.

   In order to take into account the effectiveness of minimalist aesthetics and water purification, water purifier US peanut canceled storage tank design, a 400-gallon tank large flux, the water at speeds up to 1.2L / min, according to todays average of three Chinese families to five standard calculation, the US peanut water purifier can easily meet the daily water ordinary families.



   The Lynx 2019 small appliance trends conference, the US peanut water purifier won the "trend of a single product," not only confirmed that the peanut water purifier design innovation and user-friendly operating experience to get public recognition, also declared the United States as a leader in home appliances, we will continue to start to provide more convenient and more intelligent products to help people achieve the ideal of a better life.

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