Price is not to determine which brand of water purifi good b

  Price is not to determine which brand of water purifier good basis Author: Tim browse the net water purifier: 1108 Published: 2014-10-23 16:42:36 Which brand of water purifier? hows the price? These consumers are eager to solve the problem at this stage, the main cause of this phenomenon is that the market too much water purifier brand, the concept too complex and far from the level of prices, with no technical knowledge, I believe it is difficult to discern. Here, Tim net water purifier small series to bring everyone together to look at a few of cognitive errors buy water purifiers. First, the water purifier in the end there is no functional water? There are many large shopping malls and stores appliances Purchasing Guide in the sales of water purifiers, advocating what kind of product function, can play a role in any disease. To address this issue, in fact, the Ministry of Health a few years ago has been expressly prohibited. In addition consumers also need to maintain a certain reason, do not easily believe false exaggerated information; in addition, according to Xiao Bian understand Tim net water purifier discovery: the more so the higher the price of the product, so the price is not what makes a good basis for judging. Second, the higher the price the better the water purifier it? A sub-price goods is a rational argument, but those tend to have unrealistically high standard of product, we can not use this in terms of the. A large part of consumers do not know how to choose a home water purifier, to see the price, that the higher the price the better the water purifier, it is not. In the above description that in there when it comes to the question of price, so consumers do not fall into the business errors. Third, the water purifier may never have to change the filter? As we all know, is a consumable water purifier, water purifier cartridge is a consumable, some of the not-for-called permanent filter water purifiers do not use. In fact, think about it, if you do not need a water purifier replacement filter, then it is how to filter it, what filters do? According to Xiao Bian know: general does not need to declare a permanent filter replacement product itself to be much higher original price of similar products need to replace the filter, but as a water purifier filter core components, is a general household use of water purification products important spending, many consumers tend to easily believe that there are two main reasons: first, once spent the next multi-point save you the trouble; secondly, this product technology content better. But in fact what in the end, I believe that we can distinguish right from wrong customer can tell right from wrong. fourth, VS ultrafiltration water for now, ultrafiltration water machine more expensive than confidential, both filtration principle roughly the same, but different filtering accuracy, precisely because of the different filtration precision of making the price of a certain gap, but in general Introduction ultrafiltration water machine more expensive than machine, pure water is not necessarily good than ultrafiltration machine? In fact not the case, both have their own strengths, such as ultrafiltration can achieve full-house water purification, and water machine was not suitable for the elderly and children at home with the family long-term use, so it needs to be selected depending on the application at home the purchase, the right is the best. Finally, Tim net water purification Xiao Bian reminder: everyone in the purchase of water purification products, try to choose a regular channels to buy, buy carried out under the guidance of professionals, so as to better experience the clean water of life.

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