Water purifiers to bid farewell to selling education and dev

   education and water purifier media advertising, so that consumers more and more attention to healthy drinking water, more and more recognition of the effectiveness of the water purifier. Now water purifier sales outlets covering already very comprehensive, does not need to go to educate consumers. Consumer recognition and want to buy their own water purification products, water purifier manufacturers and then I am afraid that the traditional sales method is not suitable. Here are some tips given by people in the industry, we want to join the majority of water purifier manufacturers and agents to provide reference help.




water purifier to bid farewell to the Times Educational selling and development (Photo from Internet)

   a farewell education marketing water purifiers

   but at this stage, then the other hand, the sales outlets of the shopping guide sales methods, is still based on education: to come up with a single page or a variety of media, allowing the customer to see the seriousness of water pollution around, what biological contamination , domestic pollution, chemical pollution, the water inside will tell you what are the pollutants which cause cancer, what kind of disease and other words of intimidation which generated. Either way is to drink water from clean water to boil tap water, then bottled water depth analysis, the previous way of drinking water are what drawbacks. Such intimidation of the story, and so forth.

   sample survey found that: 90% of customers know the existing problems related to the water, ready to buy water purifier. That water purifier industry development, consumer awareness level is rising, when the consumer before entering the store have already agreed to the basic effectiveness of the product, ready to buy a water purifier for customer needs Purchasing Guide unique personnel structure, water quality, in-depth understanding of the characteristics of life, then according to the characteristics of customers, were introduced for the style. That is diagnostic sales, which is the latest and most effective way of water purifier sales!

   Second, the tailored water purification according to the situation

   a few questions to ponder:

   1) there is no difference between the cabinet and the cabinet of the equipment needs?

   2) the difference between new homes and existing homes on the equipment needs?

   3) 2 and 10th floors of the equipment needs of the difference?

   4) the difference between the hotel and the home of the equipment?

   5) What equipment at home have a bath?

   different mounting positions, different habits, different useWay, different housing requirements for water purifiers are different.

   1, live where

   a good salesperson, first of all water-related knowledge to understand clearly. Also a city, different quality of different water, different water quality will require different water equipment, so first of all you need to know is the customer lives. But behind this, salespeople need for city water distribution, water quality, pipe networks more familiar.

   2, the floor structure:

   high-rise buildings are in the secondary water, secondary water pollution is more serious. Different floors, it creates different needs.

   Customers who live more than 6 Floor: 10th floor ah? You really would choose a house, 10th floor light particularly well. But on the 6th floor have more than secondary pressurized water, roof water tanks generally do not take care of the property, the bacteria will be more. More customers are buying the 6th floor RO water, the better.

   Customers who live in the 6th floor: 3 floor ah? My family also live in the 3rd floor, do not waste time waiting for the elevator, you still want to completely scale removal of 70% in addition to scale? If you need to completely remove the scale, respect the choice of bathing water softeners, drinking water, if desired, you can choose reverse osmosis water.

   3. The need to diagnose the content as well:

   1) the progress of renovation: water and electricity have been laid, water and electricity unpaved, the cabinet has been installed, the cabinet is not installed

   2) installed where: wall hangings, under cupboard (big sink, cabinet panel material, whether or not there is soap hole)

   3) habits: love tea, drink coffee, love baths, etc.

   4) family members: the elderly, children, the total number of persons

   5) Housing construction: 1 kitchens; 1 kitchens; from the bathroom near the kitchen; bathroom far from the kitchen.

   by the diagnostic system and then tell the customer that this water purifier is best suited to your needs!

   Third, the establishment of water purifier selection criteria

   is the core water purifier filters, how to choose their own filters, how to filter combination is the best, we need to help build customer choice . criteria, such as the selection criteria PP cotton filter: 123 law.

   1 weigh: weigh Weight:

   2 with: hard knock, washed with waterBubble

   3 See: look at technology, see the color, see the brand

   1, see Examples explain the process: PP cotton, there are two processes, one is meltblown A line is wound. Look, the meltblown type, high temperature melting, then rotate 360 鈥嬧€嬄?with high temperature air gun pressed together, outside embossed, polyethylene sewage holes are formed, high-precision, filter pore size of the same inside and outside, to give a fine filter, full protection under a filter. Such a wire wound, wire wound up one level, you see a tear fall gently layer, mesh large, uneven density is low, the filtering effect is poor, a filter life will be under cut short.

   2, see for example the color of explanation: it is the customers home two filter for down, you see a wire wound from outside to inside are all yellow sediment, sediment meltblown mainly gathered in poly external sewage hole, outer yellow white, and patted to sediment out, easy to clean, service life of wire wound twice.

   Whatever the marketing method, we must learn and use, adaptable. Any water purifier sales have remain the same, to sell successfully is a good method, good tips! Sales to change with the times change, bring fresh sales methods are often the most likely to succeed.

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