Sham Shui Po District, enzhen Heiner dealer meeting new conf

   January 7, 2018, "even a new heart, a new core with" Deep Heiner water purification 2018 Shenzhen dealers new conference and "enjoy water will be" the club launching ceremony held in Shenzhen, deepwater Heiner water purification technology company general manager Zhang Feng, director of marketing center Guo Jianghua, as well as deepwater Heiner department heads attended the meeting, and the deepwater Heiner dealer friends from various districts gathered in Shenzhen, this grand celebration! [ 123]

   the conference "new with hearts, with new core" as the theme, which means the new year, dealers deepwater Heiner with you friends still did not forget to clean water early heart in the new year, concerted efforts were development of a better future deepwater Heiner; at the same time, also means deepwater Heiner 2018 new things "core" control the net drink machine, water purifier open new Years intelligent wireless era.


   Shenzhen area dealers photo

   Zhang Feng, general manager: analysis of the water industry five-year development history and future trends

   with the the improvement of peoples quality of life requirements, more and more attention to health. Desi authoritative data from the industry, from 2012 until 2017, the development of the water industry has shown a trend all the way up, the future will be formed in the home straight to drink, commercial water purification, whole house water purification mainly third of the world situation.


General Manager

   deepwater Heiner water purification technology companies Zhang Feng do industry analysis report

   2018 Things smart net drink machine New Features

   at 2.0 times sales, marketing should be shifted from the center of the product for the consumer-centric, consumer demand is the direction of enterprise products and technological innovation, and only a good product is a golden key to open the water purification market. 2018 new deepwater Heiner things purifier wisdom is the key to open the door of the consumer, our R & D technical staff through continuous efforts to complete the boutique. This section Things net drink machine can achieve a key cell phone remote control switch, monitor water quality at any time, replace the filter life comes alerts can also be a key appointment master home maintenance, enjoy intelligent rapid response service, resolve customer all water purification uses troubles, intelligent life, is so simple.


   R & D staff to explain the new features

   2017 yearShenzhen area to enjoy the water and excellent distribution award ceremony starts

   deepwater Heiner Today, many dealers can not do without men stood in line, because of their hard work, intensive, deep water can continue to break Heiner extension soil, water purifier so that every household, every family to protect the users drinking water health.


   outstanding agents Award



   to enjoy the water will start ceremony [123 ]

   Zhang Feng, general manager: things & water purifiers, water will enjoy the "3 + 3 + 3" marketing model to explain

   product is king, channels, supplemented by good marketing model can be good products quickly placed in front of consumers. Deepwater Heiner enjoy water will be "3 + 3 + 3" marketing model that allows distributors to achieve 3 "no" business advantage, not a financial pressure, zero-risk; two no inventory pressure; three no trouble after-sales service, easy to do business .


Things machine "3 + 3 + 3" marketing model to explain

   a good product, a good model, good opportunities

   in the new and after the presentation mode, the venue of dealer friends say 2018 is very "engaged in" head, with smart new products and marketing models of things, expressed great confidence in the market in 2018, and even many dealers live to fight money to book new, on-site atmosphere is very warm.


dealers have signed orders


scene to fight the new order of things money machine

   [ 123]


dealers to thank the support of friends over the years, on-site gift Huawei mate10, 8 Apple phone

   to create wealth, and seek common future

   to seize the opportunity, dare hard work, thank deepwater Heiner districts dealer home the hard work of people in a year and the companys full support. In the new year, deepwater Heiner will continue to shoulder "water purifier business to do at home," the mission forward. In the future, we will work together with friends all dealers deepwater Heiner write a good chapter.

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