Water purification agents also said not to do- It has been i

   Previously, the State Council issued the document "State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, accelerating the development of new guidance to form a new power supply" (referred to as "guidance") in the third part "of the document focus on the consumer to upgrade field and direction "of the" green consumption "description, a water purifier included in the list of green consumption.



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   the specific content of the "guidance" of the relevant part as follows: the concept of ecological civilization is growing in popularity and the concept of green consumption, green consumption to air purification from ecological organic food, water purifier, energy-saving appliances, green appliances, green building materials will help to conserve resources, improve the environment of goods and services expanded ......

   It is obvious from the above text, water purifier has become the focus and direction of future consumption upgrade. This is the first mention of the State Council, water purification products, but also to publish official documents, indicating the depth of purification through the home terminal to safe drinking water masses have been heard, and water purifiers in which the role has been affirmed countries .

   This "guidance" reflects the national importance of safe drinking water, healthy drinking consensus gradually formed. With the popularity of home water purifier, all walks of life have come to realize the importance of healthy drinking water, more and more families, schools, offices, hospitals began to install water purification equipment. Policies have been introduced, are you still complaining about water purification agents not to do it?

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