Teng Wang 2020 SpriFestival holiday arraements for water pur

   Another year the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat is coming. According to the national holiday arrangements for the 2020 Chinese New Year holidays, in order to meet the majority of Internet users keep abreast of industry information needs, while offering easy partner services, Teng Wang water purifier nets and Ben actual operation, the 2020 Spring Festival holiday arrangements as follows: [123 ]

鏀惧亣閫氱煡 holiday time: January 2020 18 - 31 January, February 1 (eighth month) to work properly.

   sincerely thank you friends, dealers, cooperative enterprise has been the support and concern for Teng Wang water purifier network, the upcoming Spring Festival in 2020, in this New Years time, Wang Teng water purification network staff Christine I wish you all happy holidays and happy family

   tips:! during the Spring festival holidays, the site will be suspended manually review and update the information, the unified arrangement after the holiday release to our customers for the inconvenience please understand thanks! your support and interest in our! your support is our motivation!

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