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  Which water purifier good? Divided on the outcome of the filter: Tim net water purification Views: 184 Date: 2019-7-9 15:54:29 weekend to a friends house to play cards, he found us running water to drink, when we "look of a question mark", then friends tinkling Josephs to show off his water purifiers, water purifiers purify say this out of the water is safe to drink, and gave us a science contaminated water. At first I was not care, and when I found a layer of water bottle at home base, I felt pretty good to buy a water purifier seems. But so many on the market water purifier, water purifier which is good? A water purifier which is good for the start of this issue, I was not clear, but by the self-understanding, and ultimately buy a water purifier to my satisfaction, the following will come and share with me before buying have done it. All along, I thought that tap water is safe and hygienic, after the Internet search I know, now exacerbated by water pollution, resulting in water quality as before, and some water contains many chemical pollutants, some of which are confirmed carcinogens or pro carcinogens. Water pollution areas, has affected peoples lives, and even harm to peoples health, as the 2005 major water pollution incident in 2007, Taihu Lake water pollution events, learned these afterwards, feeling healthy drinking water is not only responsible for themselves, but also responsible for the family. The chemical can effectively filter the water purifier rust, sand and gravel, and the adsorption of colloids chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides, also can effectively remove impurities bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals in water, feeling buy a water purifier is necessary. Because of health problems related to drinking water, in addition to the appearance of good-looking, big brands, cost-effective, water purification effect is definitely better. That filter that is easy to drink, turn on the tap to drink healthy water, and supporting the upgrading of lead-free faucet installation, it is possible to avoid secondary contamination of water sources, it is very intimate. The family said that the taste of water to drink boiled water more than before. In addition to product quality, improve after-sales service is also very important, after all, in the course, if you encounter any problems, still need to be answered professionals. It was not clear if what is good water purifier, good nits my home water purifier feel pretty good, purified water reached the standard drink straight, and there are questions to ask customer service, you can get professional answers.

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