Water purifier store sales rose rapidly trick


the number of sales of a product will determine whether this product is successful enough! So long store is the lifeblood of business survival, the stores performance is composed of business sales goals, if not the performance of stores that enterprise the overall index is also no guarantee, stores can maintain normal operation is critical for enterprises. Business


However, only pay attention to the amount of sales that we do not blindly store sales at the time, while ignoring the after. Not only pay attention to the current, but also paved the intentions paved the road for the future. When we do store management will encounter a common problem, how stores can improve business performance, and how to store a sustainable profit. Today and we will work together to explore - how to store water purifier improve business performance small series that the following aspects should be doubled to achieve store performance?.

   Step 1: root out the potential of existing products:

   stores or in the original location, the product or the original product, or the same person, then how do we improve the operating results of stores ? this is what we say today to root out the potential of old products. Here I want to emphasize that the products are not only refers to the part of tangible products, as well as service, store design and layout of all our products. We can improve this hand from the following aspects: We know that the stores performance x = the number of guests into the store to buy customer unit rate x x x repeat purchase rate of referral rates. From this equation we can see that if we increase any one of these indicators, our store sales will rise. .

   1 purchase rate increase existing customers, improve customer customer price: we can increase product was added to increase the rate of customers buy more, that is, increase customer customer unit. For example, a customer would have thought the store consumer shower, but when he was visiting the shop, we want to recommend other products, such as: showers, faucets, bathtubs, wash basins and so on. Such customers may purchase more products at the same time, such sales are rising with it.

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