Water is soft water right


   water quality and safety has been a lot of attention, a lot of people but then little knowledge. Even asked: water softener is it? Look at the introduction of small series now.




water quality, so that more and more people are concerned about water quality and safety. Also began to learn the knowledge of drinking water purposes. Some water is not too familiar with the knowledge of people raised a variety of issues. As water is soft water do? To doubts, small series to introduce specific.


not necessarily, soft and hard water minerals containing much distinguished mainly refer to calcium ions, magnesium ions. Means within soft minerals 17.1 mg / liter of water. Boiled water is soft water or hard water can not be determined, but which will became part of calcium scale, so the hardness may be lowered. If the magnesium ion is no way to boil more decrease in hardness.


can also effectively inhibit fungal softener. Occurrence of skin trauma, frostbite, burns and the like when the accident, after the first use soft water wash the affected area, and to soft water wet cotton, gauze, a towel, graze the affected area, rapid healing, and the edema due to burns immediately disappear, this is due to the soft water has the effect of promoting tissue regeneration. Frequent use shampoo can make hair soft gentle, elegant, anti-dandruff itching, not dry not astringent, hair natural luster.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge of the water is soft water right, if you want to learn more about water softeners can refer directly to it and other small water safety knowledge, come to the attention of small series articles of it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.




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