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  Household water purifiers generally use a few years? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 416 Date: 2018-11-22 15:29:36 In recent years, along with the level of the national economy improved, peoples health conscious consumer gradual awakening, more and more people began to pay attention to the family drinking water security issues, water purifier is gradually into millions of households, are guardians of our daily household water security. However, given that some users of water purifier, this "new family member" is poorly understood, basically, apart from the use of a simple operation, others, such as whole life, routine maintenance, maintenance, completely ignorant of. However, as the saying goes, "good steel used wisely, money spent on the festival children Ken." Fly buy quality water purifiers, with a decade, eight years it is certainly not a problem, well maintained with a fifteen years are very likely. But to remind everyone that no matter no matter how good the quality of the water purifier, the absence of the necessary maintenance and repair work, or will affect the life of water purifiers, water purifiers to reduce the effect of water purifier. That routine maintenance and repair of the water purifier where to start? First, do the regular cleaning water purifier First, good water purifier regular cleaning, including the following aspects: 1, water purifiers to clean the outside of the fuselage. Just simple cleaning, requires attention with a clean damp cloth in the cleaning process should avoid the use of detergent or soap. 2, the internal periodic flushing water purifier. Rinse generally at least once a week, and now most families are intelligent use of water purifiers, just click backwash button, you can automatically flushing, more advanced water purifier provided with an automatic timed rinse and backwash function, so nothing to worry about troublesome wash it! 3, water purifier machine disinfection. It normally takes six months to once a year, mostly using ozone disinfection machine, it is best to regular water purifier manufacturers reservation machine disinfection. In addition, after experiencing extreme weather, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc., also need to disinfect the machine! Second, regular and timely replacement of the service life of water purification filters usually what we call water purifiers, water purifiers actually filter life. In this regard, it was even more than the soul of the filter for water purifiers, showing the importance of the filter. If the water purifier is not a long time to replace the filter or replace the filter in time, adsorption of dirt and bacteria buildup in the filter, water purifier purifying effect weakened, it can not guarantee the normal water safety,health. In addition, a water purifier is a combination of a plurality of different types of cartridges to complete the purification filter, different filter life varies, in order to ensure water quality, the filter must be changed regularly. Third, no more than three days, shut off the water to rest if more than three days without water purifier, the best cut off the water, let the water purifier rest nursed back to health, prevent as "water hammer" impact pressure instability generated, causing water purifier related parts damage. Thus, when the water purifier more than 3 days unattended, should shut off the water, which can be purchased prolong the life of the water purifier. After reading the above share these, I believe we routine maintenance and repair of the water purifier already have a comprehensive understanding, the rest is in their daily lives more than the practical application. After all, buy a high-quality water purifiers, still need to spend no small expense, to extend the service life of the water purifier through reasonable care, that is, love their families and their health, today you have clean water to drink it?

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