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   HC clean water network in the beginning of many users install water purifiers, there will always be a variety of small doubt, small confused; such as this:

   the newly installed water purifiers, water not quite right?

   There are a lot of white water of "powder"?

   machine is a problem yet?

   this water drink?

   or is this tortured soul:

   Why do I turn on the water somewhat cloudy in the morning?

   white water, with bubbles is how is it?

   Some doubt is not the water bleach, no filter and clean?

   also said to be not filter clogging, good filtering effect?

   Some people even think that is a water purifier to the water with chemical additives? ? ?

   After water purifier filter why there is a white powder, etc.

   what this is all about? Today, we are universal:

   Why is the water bubble point of knowledge, we must do a good job notes Oh ~

   General newly installed water purifier or a long time without water purifier, white powder fine foam appears.

   Xiao Bian very serious to tell you! This is normal, although our little life is important, but do not over-nervous! The

   as a white foam, the following reasons may be


   a purely physical phenomenon

   In the tap water pipe through the remote transport, acting pressure , the gas pipe and the air existing in a large amount of gas dissolved in the water. The water entering the water equipment must also go through pump pressure to increase the power, so there has been pressure inside the machine, the gas molecules can not be released.

   As the water flows out of the machine, the pressure on the gas molecules suddenly disappears, a large number of fine bubbles so they become expanded, substantially water appear milky phenomenon looks like a large amount of white powder, after standing for a while It will gradually disappear.

   ThisLike a water bubble unscrewed the cap, bubbles will appear similar to the truth is, is a normal physical phenomena, it does not affect the quality of drinking water.


   The active carbon

   In another case, post carbon filter is caused, since the activated carbon in the filter, will release a large amount of bubbles. Good charcoal should be to the right of the glass of water, the bubbles released many and small, such as activated carbon pore surface denser, stronger adsorption of impurities.

   we can clearly see that in the activated carbon adsorption tests done, there has been a lot of water bubbles.


   remaining in the cartridge protective solution

   Sometimes small bubbles long time can not evaporate, which is why?

   cartridge at the factory, in order to ensure the safety and purification effect, the filter manufacturers will give protection solution moisture. Such protection liquid and are generally hydrophilic modifiers, foam generation and stability, because the trace amount of water retained even measure hydrophilic agent, and the food grade and medical grade hydrophilic agent (protecting liquid) to the human body harmless, flush toilet, a period of time will disappear, so do not worry.


   water purifier at first use, you need to turn on the water more than 20 minutes, the filter and the entire machine wash once, then you can normally use.


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