Public water purifier wat-saving efficiency ring is demedith

   In recent years, With the improvement of health and environmental awareness of peoples living standards, especially in the current situation of water pollution make people worrying, water purifier has also been more and more peoples attention. Water purifier will also be needed for the family, your home water purifier? Do you know what kind of water purifier quality standards before it?




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   recently, the Chinese Academy of household appliances testing technology Research Institute, smart home research center jointly organized the "first passed the mandatory national standard "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating" (draft for approval) detection of water purification products conference "held in Beijing, experts discussed the current water purification industrys hot issues, and publish related products list.

   Our country is a lack of water resources in the country, with the development of industry, water continues to be contaminated. According to related statistics, at present, the countrys water plant a total of more than 4,000 daily supply of 60 million tons of tap water is more than 400 million urban residents in the county. Due to the different water sources, water quality residents of the home are not the same. In some areas such as water quality is very hard, alkaline water is great; some areas affected by the impact of illegal discharge of industrial, water sources to varying degrees of organic or heavy metal pollution; some areas drinking water pipelines due process of secondary pollution, resulting in excessive microorganisms.

   At present, the best way to improve water quality, it seems is to install a home water purifier. While the current water purification technology, since the reverse osmosis water purification unit (RO unit) of the filter pore size is extremely small, a variety of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, soluble solids, organic contamination and metal ions hardly pass reverse osmosis membrane, Therefore, reverse osmosis water purifier (RO machine) is the best solution to solve all the problems of water quality.

   However, due to the different techniques of reverse osmosis water purification treatment, the water will produce a concentrated portion while obtaining drinking water, the actual use, various mixed products, indeed some purifiers It is a waste of water. This is a topic also has to pay attention to water purification industry, related businesses are also trying to improve their own technical strength, and strive to improve the efficiency of water purifier, so that consumers spend more water-efficient water purifier.

   for the water purification device efficiency issues, Chinese home applianceInstitute of Water Purifier Performance Research and Testing Center recently launched the "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit value" test. According to the national standard mandatory "reverse osmosis water purifier and water efficiency limit efficiency rating" for Approval, the water purifier of the efficiency rating is divided into 6, wherein the water purifier efficiency rating predetermined level, net 5 aquatic water purifier water efficiency rate limit value, i.e. the net of all aquatic reverse osmosis water purifier to be 鈮?5%; stage 2 in a predetermined water purifier efficiency grade water aquaculture net rate saving the evaluation value for the water purifier, that is at or above the water purifier stage 2 can be called a water-saving effect type water purifier; water purification efficiency can be regarded as the leading value of the water purifier water production rate of not less than 75%.

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