Why use water purifiers because I can not afford onkidney

   What is secondary pollution?

   As the name implies, the secondary pollution is the contamination of water by the water purification plant, generated during each household conveyed into. The main by-product is sterilized rust, silt, bacteria, viruses and other impurities, and some of the formulation chloride waterworks pipe aging appear. Secondary contamination sources main water pipe, the secondary cell and the tap water system. So for the health of their families to prevent secondary pollution small series prompts you to install a water purifier. I use the water purifier, because I can not afford one kidney, students do not onset, I want health!


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   What is contaminated water pipe?

   metal pipes for transporting municipal tap water containing heavy metals such as lead, the vast majority of disrepair. Lead to rust, dirt filled pipes. During transport of water, impurities such as tap water supplied to each household. Some even water and sewage pipes parallel life, water pipes and sewage pipes often rupture, causing water pollution, odor, smelly and even microbial pathogen invasion.

   What is secondary water pollution cell?

   generally use cell tower roof or other underground storage tank for storage and supply devices. The water tower or water tank often not cleared up, the accumulation of dust and other impurities. Some storage devices even seriously aging, mossy, produce large amounts of bacteria.


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   Pipeline contamination

   configuration of the network is poor, generally used is an iron pipe, will generate a lot of rust after 5 years, in the wall encourages the growth of bacteria and parasites, iron rust water will be exceeded, the body is the liver rather unfavorable.

   In fact, there are a lot of pipeline for more than 40 years are still in use.

   generally level REF secondary water tank, if the tank regularly cleaned, dirty water tank will be scary.

   If you know your day is to drink this water, you can drink forever?

   how to solve the drinking water health drink?

   1, bought water to drink? rich French Evian water to drink, a family of three drinking water, vegetables, rice washing, wash, tea a year to spend 400,000 yuan, the people unrealistic.

  2, wait for national water purification and transformation of existing pipeline system, to the existing Europe, America, Japan and South Korea drinking water standards? The answer is to be achieved Fifty years later, requires huge financial and material resources. And so can not afford it!

   It is said that the water purifier is a luxury, in fact, this is not much or how little, but health problems idea! Took his body when water purifier, but lived Villa drove luxury cars, thousands of thousands of monthly spend money to maintain the car, but not willing to spend money to maintain their body, which lies in thinking that without economic, no matter how poor drink clean water! body is revolutionary cost! we lose our health, and how has the world! healthier than as a house, car, wife, children, tickets geometric 0 1 behind, I question 1 fell behind the more what is the point 0 ?

   The old man said: I used the water purifier, because I can not afford one kidney, students do not onset, I want to health


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