-Water reform and development,- Thirteen Five -plan- Keyword

  Water Resources Development and Reform will focus on

   "Thirteen Five" period a main line, the four areas and eight key tasks unfold. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction held a press conference prior to the date three departments jointly issued the "water conservancy reform and development" Thirteen Five "planning" to interpret. Reporters came out of the eight key words, you look at this with a five-year blueprint to guide future development of my countrys water reform. Keywords interpretation


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"water reform and development," Thirteen Five "plan" (Photo from Internet)

   1. Keywords: general idea [123 ]

   around the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, the implementation of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" development philosophy, the "water-saving priority, spatial equilibrium, the system of governance, both hands to force" Water Conservancy in New guidelines [ 123]

   2, keywords: the overall objective

   in 2020, the basic completion of flood control and drought mitigation system and the requirements of economic and social development, the rational allocation and efficient use of water resources system, water conservation and river Lake health care system is conducive to the development of the institutional system of Hydraulic Research, to further improve the water infrastructure network, significant progress in water treatment systems and water treatment capacity modernization drive, integrated national water security capability significantly enhanced.

   3, Keywords: a main line

   in order to enhance water security capacity of the main line

   4. Keywords: 4 major areas

   comprehensive saving society, improve the institutional mechanisms for water development, improve water infrastructure network, protection and restoration of aquatic environment

   5, keywords: 5 big safeguards

   strengthen organizational leadership, implement target responsibility, to deepen the preliminary work, improve quality and efficiency, the combination of social forces

   6, keywords: 6 aspect development goals

   flood control and drought relief, water conservation, urban and rural water supply, rural water conservancy, water ecology environmental protection and water management reform and development goals

   7, keywords: eight important tasks

   comprehensively promote water-saving society, the development of water conservancy reform and institutional innovation, accelerate the improvement of water infrastructure network facilities, improve urban flood control and drainage and water supply capacity, and further reinforce the water infrastructure in rural areas, strengthen waterEcological management and protection, regional development layout optimization of basin water resources, water comprehensive strengthening the rule of law, science and technology of water

   8, keyword: 16 indicators

   binding targets (4): The total water the amount of control in less than 670 billion cubic meters, yuan GDP water consumption, water consumption yuan of industrial added value decreased by 23% and 20%, respectively, compared with 2015, to improve the water quality compliance rate of major rivers and lakes water function area to more than 80% .

   Expected indicators (12): drought and flooding are controlled at an average rate of 0.6% and 0.8%, to improve the effective utilization factor of irrigation water to 0.55 or more, add 27 billion cubic supply capacity rice, rural water supply coverage reached 80%, the proportion of the population in rural centralized water supply more than 85%, the new effective irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?000 mu, new efficient water-saving irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?00 million mu, the new small hydropower installed capacity of 500 million kilowatts, the new comprehensive management of soil erosion area of 鈥嬧€?70,000 square kilometers, urban and industrial water metering rate of agricultural irrigation water metering rate of 85% and 70%, respectively. (Source: Guangzhou International Exhibition of Water public number)

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