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   appliance market continues to multi-function, multi-category, high-end, intelligent direction.



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   China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute and the National Household Appliances Industry Information Center released the "first half of 2019 Chinese home appliance industry annual report "shows that the first half of 2019, the domestic appliance industry market size of 412.5 billion yuan, down 2.1 percent year on year, the home appliance industry fell into negative growth, the situation is not optimistic nature. Electricity supplier and overseas markets are giants to concentrate force and defend.

   In a substantial withdrawal of foreign brand market position, even after another sale goods assets situation, the domestic home appliance giant, but being a strong rise.

   with Midea, Gree, TCL, Konka, Vantage, led by a group of leading home appliance enterprises in the situation head "ceiling" still temper forward, sketched out the "growth curve" for future development, continue to industry interpretation of change, transformation, to survive.

   Where to go?

   In the latest release of the 500 companies in Guangdong Province, the list were "Top20" there are three ranks of household electrical appliance enterprises, namely Midea Group (000333.SZ), Gree Electric Appliance (000651.SZ) and TCL Group (000100.SZ).

   is ranked top US group, became the 2018 Household Appliance total revenue and net profit of "champion." 10 years, the US groups revenue was from 100 billion yuan last year rose to 2,600 billion yuan, net profit surged from 3.7 billion yuan to 20.2 billion yuan; scale revenue rose 1.6 times, net profit rose 4.5.

   at the head of the United States Fang Hongbo view, earnings growth than revenue growth, proved that the United States of product innovation, technological innovation and product structure has changed radically, not traditionally to increase in size to develop.

   Interestingly, there is a piece inside the United States spread quite widely: Chinese home appliance enterprises go? Chinese home appliance industry in the road, "Ho, Fang."

   yard hidden segment the US group at the helm of the family name, He is the owner of US Xiangjian, Fang Fang Hongbo trader is beautiful.

   as the appliance industrys most successful palmWho rudder, Fang Hongbo proposed in the beginning of this year the well-known "fish on" lead to industry thinking:. "Before the river, lake, sea fish, particularly large, as long as the fishing can be, and now have to fish because the fish the number has been limited, incremental stock dividend would like to shift in the direction of fission. "

   Thus, the home appliance industry in transition Fang Hongbo proposed four directions: change the business model, change the mode of growth, foster innovation, promote the digital transformation.

   The United States stood on the 50th birthday of nodes, Fang Hongbo proposed new Wildness, said to be "recycling" of a United States that the future of both revenue and market capitalization to reach 500 billion yuan.

   for enterprise development smug, carefully sketched out, and Gree Electric chairman Dong Mingzhu and Konka Group President Zhou Bin future growth curve.

   In the former air conditioners, mobile phones, cars, chip, intelligent field equipment Front in full swing, sprint grand goal of 600 billion yuan over the next five years.

   The latter announced the "Technology + Industry + urbanization" development ideas, five-year total revenue of 100 billion yuan breakthrough.

   However, there are dark clouds the top of the head, soles of the feet cliffs, home appliances bigwigs how to continue to do it because of potential change, leading dance?

   Where to grow?

   China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute and the National Household Appliances Industry Information Center released the "first half of 2019, Chinas home appliance industry annual report" shows that the first half of 2019, the domestic appliance industry market size of 4125 billion yuan, fell 2.1 percent, household appliances fall into negative growth, the situation is not optimistic nature.

   At the same time, there is also some positive factors, such as the stabilization of the economic environment and economic indicators, as well as the consumer market development, consumption of new growth opportunities and expansion of demand point brought.

   According to the report data Chinese Academy of home appliances and Orville cloud network was informed, in the home appliance market segments still pregnant with a lot of business opportunities.

   For example, in the respective category, washing drying integrally market share growth drum washing machine more than 5 percentage points and reached 35.6%; multi-door refrigerator market share increased to nearly 50%, wherein the cross four refrigerators and five refrigerator retail market share increased to 25.5%, respectively, and 8.9%.

   sales potential in emerging category of dishwashers, water purification machines and integrated kitchen, also quite bright, an increase of 24.4%, 5.9% and 52.4%.

   From this, the traditional home appliances on the track, consumption upgrade trend has not changed, the home appliance market continues to multi-functional, multi-category, high-end, intelligent direction.

   electricity supplier and overseas markets are also giants to concentrate force and defend.

   According to annual data, the first half of 2019, US sales of the whole network more than 32 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30 percent, air conditioners, electric fans, water heaters, smoke machines, drinking fountains, water purification machines, microwave ovens line on the market share of rice cookers, induction cooker, electric pressure cookers and other 10 major appliance category are first, brisk performance.

   the first half of 2019, total exports of home appliances to 163.6 billion yuan, an increase of 5.5%.

   to another white power giant, for example, Haier very early focus on global distribution, has completed Japans Sanyo white business, GE appliance business, the acquisition of New Zealands Fisher & Paykel business, holding Mexico MABE48 .41% stake acquisition of Italy Candy company, realized the "Haier Casa Imperial, commander, US GE Appliances, New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel, Japan AQUA, Italy Candy" seven brands of globalization layout.

   the first half of 2019, Haier EZER (600690.SH) overseas revenue accounted for 47%, nearly 100% of the income for its own brand.

   2019 January to June, Casa Imperial refrigerator, washing million yuan in Chinas home appliance market share reached 50.4%, lifting 1.9 percentage points ahead of the domestic brands have coveted high-end market.

   The same clearly to overseas markets to grow, and you want to do overseas and domestic sales revenue was flat, as well as Midea Group and TCL Group. The two companies share data at home and abroad in this years mid-year report is reached "60:40" and "55:45."

   home appliance giant to accelerate the break boundary

   two years ago, the United States and the worlds top four home robotKUKA acquisition of one family, a milestone event in the history of global mergers and acquisitions of domestic appliances, has also become an important part of the transformation of the United States. After winning library card, the United States of robot track "a menace", the integration and expansion of the Chinese market to accelerate the robotics business, accelerated product development, increased orders.

   on the R & D investment, the United States called the home appliance industry, "Huawei." According to US Weekly Times reporter given over the past five years, R & D investment over 30 billion yuan, only R & D investment in 2018 will be close to 10 billion yuan, currently has 20 research centers in nine countries, including China, R & D personnel more than 1 million people.

   based appliances track while playing cross-border, and actively seek opportunities to turn overtaking domestic appliances giant, as well as from the field of color TV Konka Group.

   as a veteran TV giant Konka, Shenzhen was the first revenue over 10 billion yuan business, but with the continued deterioration of the color TV sea of 鈥嬧€媍ompetition, Konka later in the development process, also briefly appeared stagnant growth situation.

   However, since 2018, after straighten out the internal mechanism, with the support of major shareholders Konka OCT Group, the state-owned enterprises since the beginning of Ming mix change gunshot, became in 2018 the first case of home appliances mixed change.

   Konka to develop the high-profile "technology + + industrial park" development direction, clear technology and innovation-driven platform-based companys core positioning, color TV antennae from the field to the science and technology park, business products, services, business and financial operations extend.

   attendant, is releasing a variety of so investors looking forward to the message. Environmental protection, new materials, semiconductor companies and projects have been established, several industries Chuzhou, Yibin, Suining, Haimen, Lankao, Yantai and Chongqing Garden project is completed floor.

   semiannual reports, Konka A (000016.SZ) total revenues of 26.036 billion yuan, an increase of 47.72%. Emerging businesses in the environmental protection business brisk performance, operating earnings rose from last years contribution of 6.78% to the current 18.92%, operating income surged 6139 percent.

   460 billion in revenue last year, Konka Group, proposed to achieve the ambitious revenue target of 100 billion yuan in 2023, equivalent to a recycling Konka, much work. However, Konka Group based advantages, renewed high-rise, the curveOvertaking of play, the home appliance industry in terms of transformation Pathfinder may well be a good reference.

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