Water purifier market is not good, the heating function Why

   Over the last decade our pursuit of rapid economic development, while environmental pollution is constantly serious, especially water pollution. In Chinese peoples view, to boil water to be assured. Therefore, water purification industry in Chinas development, quietly swelled.

   According to monitoring data show at the Pan Brilliant advice line: water purifier sales under the 2020 Q1-line market has accounted for the overall function of heating the water purifier market 11.8% year over year increase of 7.1 percentage points, so rapid development and AO Smith, United States, Green springs and other brand products to follow the market closely related to the iterative update.



   First, the water purifier having a heating function of fermentation has begun to market monitoring data line shows the pan Brilliant consulting

  : line under 2020 Q1 AO Smith has a market in the heating function of the water purifier market share of retail sales reached 49.7%, total retail sales of 9.764 million yuan, compared with the same period last year improved 44.8 percentage points to the growth of the market has played the biggest role in boosting .

   AO Smith in October 2019 to launch new products under the kitchen water purifier DR1600HA1 product, with its flagship drink water that is a key concept, quickly outperform the market, and in 2020 Q1 line under water purifier to enhance the overall market share of retail sales by 2.4 percentage points, to 4.7%, ranked models TOP2, and AO Smith star models R1800RA9 par. So its rapid development, many domestic brands to exert no small pressure. Like Angel, Patio and other professional water purifier brand, although there has been a breakthrough in the field of reverse osmosis membrane, but because the market is relatively mature technology, makes it difficult to win more market share, or even decline. And if you can use more from the consumers point of pain, people-oriented, may be able to find more market opportunities point.

   Second, the heating function and the development of contrast, the overall water purifier market bottleneck case

   before the water industry in 2019 did not continue to maintain growth momentum, and even a certain degree of decline. According to the majority of Swiss consulting research data show that in 2019 water purifier-year cumulative size of 36.6 billion yuan, down 3.1% market decline reached 5.2% below the line. At first glance, it seems to meet increasing water industryLong bottleneck.

   domestic water purifier penetration of less than 20%, compared to the penetration rate has exceeded 80 percent of the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, the domestic market seems there is still much room for improvement. But why would impenetrable, perhaps we can find the answer consumer demand for a water purifier.

   Third, the three categories of water industry pain points to be solved

   1. The reverse osmosis membrane market is saturated, it is difficult to break through

   For consumers buy water purifier the most value is the purification capacity. Currently on the market the best purification technology is reverse osmosis, the water can remove 99% of the harmful substances. According to monitoring data at the Pan Brilliant advice line show that in 2020 Q1 reverse osmosis filtration water purifier market level retail sales accounting for up to 94.3%, accounted for almost all of the market. A direct result of the lack of water purifier high-end technology driven market, the overall size of the market is difficult to break.

   2. NPC drink plenty of water, water purification effect is diluted

   drink plenty of water, it is often treated as a joke straight men concerned, but it also shows that people in China hearts of drinking water is beneficial. Indeed, from then to boil water to drinking water purifier, we have been emphasizing focus on improving water quality, but ignored the symbol of the hot water in the hearts of Chinese people is assured. Even through the water purifier filter water will boil before drinking. This intangible downplayed the purification of water purifier, anyway, the last is heated, there is no water purifier what difference does it.

   3. Area, is a priority

   when consumers buy

   At present per capita residential area of 鈥嬧€媜nly 36.7 square meters, is low relative to developed countries, so for household appliances the propensity to buy, the small size and integrated products more popular with consumers. Water purifier + Kettle combination cumbersome and covers, and either drink straight net calorific integrate both functions into one. However drink straight is good, but a lot of pain points. Common basically drink straight vertical or countertop, is covering. Although more compact type and stage, but most are hand-water was added, trouble is not that the step of repeatedly turning the tank cover are likely to cause damage to the equipment. The drink straight into the space under the kitchen has become the urgent needs of the water industry.

   In short the current water purifier market in the overall decline in the size of the case, but Matthew within the industryIt has not yet formed, especially with a heating function of the water purifier market, a huge market potential. Each enterprise should still grasping the opportunity to think more about the Chinese peoples drinking habits, so that the development of the domestic water industry is getting better, but also make people more healthy drink safe water.

   (Source: Pan Brilliant advice, invasion deleted)

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