Water purifiers Entprise- Marketing is not a shortcut bua re

   the moment, water purifier market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, companies want to seize more market share and earn more profits becomes even more difficult. Therefore the most recent years, many companies are carrying out so-called water purifier marketing innovation and change, but are in fact take the "road back", "same old stuff" play "old wine in new bottles" game.

   Throughout recent years, some of the water purifier companies think of marketing innovation, a new name is, in essence, no escape from the "product, promotion, price," the four core elements of traditional marketing, just grab a fuss in terms of price and channel. In many cases, the so-called marketing innovation, or continue to "price war" put all kinds of vest and coat.




water purifiers Enterprise: Marketing is not a shortcut but a real "stupid" approach

   "cut corners", "cut corners" by not spectrum

   All along, the price war is still the first choice of many water purifier business marketing tool. Especially whenever the market goes down, the industry decline in time, bear the brunt of the price war, become the first choice of many breakthrough water purification business. While in the process, some companies combine the name of market promotion, low price war of words did not appear. But in essence, still playing the price idea.

   It is not hard to reflect the current water purifier company in marketing innovation and change "impetuous" and "end of their rope," while also precisely describes the current water purifier business for many marketing nature hold a "tricky question" and "out of control." A large number of water purification companies believe that marketing innovation, the concept is to use more, fancier packaging and hype, enterprise growth and development of the "cut corners", "cut corners." In this way it will eventually make a lot of companies fall into the water purifier "for marketing innovation and innovative" extreme misunderstanding.

   by product innovation need to speak

   for water purification company, the product is 1, the other is 0. If this is not the product 1, obviously we can not achieve innovation and change from 1-100 to 1,000. Because even the best technical concept of packaging, sales channel integration, and even cross-border joined forces for this new water purifier industry is concerned, everything depends on the product or speak.

   essence of marketing, so that consumers are not attracted to your ad, or be attracted to your concept, butTo be fascinated by your product. Similarly, the role of marketing is to guide the user does not buy the product, but to the user accurately conveys the intrinsic value of the product, and external changes, especially from the advent of a product, to achieve the overall market and consumer lifestyle lead.

   a good product marketing transformation is a prerequisite for a good experience

   Objectively speaking, in recent years, some of the water purifier enterprises have been a "return to product and customer needs-based" strategic transformation, not its core marketing hype and packaging concepts, but rather bring to the market and consumers by "good product", "good experience" to promote the transformation of the entire marketing.

   In short, the water purification industry is relatively stable stage of development, innovation is the biggest problem currently facing the water purifier business. Therefore, water purification companies to realize the true meaning of "return to basics" in. The essence of marketing innovation, is the need to abandon the simple low price war, return to the product itself functions and features, innovation and change. In essence, not a marketing innovation, but marketing return. Marketing is not a shortcut, but a real awkward.

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