Water industry technology and product application is moving

   With the rapid development of technology and economy, drinking water and health has become the focus of widespread public concern and a hot topic. At the same time, household appliances water industry through technological upgrades iteration, resources and channel integration, product applications are marching and intelligent.


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   water industry toward the intelligent high-end

   water security issue has been a top priority of public concern. In recent years, water purification products to enhance the safety of drinking water has played an important role in industry product applications forward, "high-end smart +" trend evolution.

   under the surveillance data lines provided by Orville cloud network display, high-end water purifiers share higher than 4000 yuan price zone on the market is increasing year by year. The first half of 2017 more than 50% share of high-end products, water purification industry product price reached 3877 yuan, an increase of 13.4%; foreign brands, the average price reached 4690 yuan, an increase of 10.4%; domestic brands price 3482 yuan, an increase of 14.7% .

   than being a new industry analyst said: "It is because the consumption level, the public release of high-end, diversified consumer demand, making the water industry technology products need to constantly upgrade iteration, toward intelligent and high-end. "

   professional Committee of China Association for quality inspection of water purification equipment Dengrui De chairman, said water purification industry trends in addition to" high-end smart + ", the future will be through the new water purification technologies such as reverse osmosis popularity, improve product manufacturing technology green intelligent, make drinking water safer.

   cross-border, firms leveraging the integration of resources

   cross-border cooperation between different sectors of cooperation has become one of the current mainstream business model, by the real estate, tourism, IT Internet, finance manufacturers and other industries and institutions of all ages. Recently, the domestic water purification industry is the only main board listed company in Hong Kong, Ho Chak Group has once again completed its cross-border cooperation, the object is the Founder of this century IT distribution heavyweights. Their cross-border cooperation, was known as the "new standard."

   The cross-sector cooperation in Ho Chak Group built in Xianyang, Shaanxi environmental technology industrial park is completed, they will be the subject of cooperation as "break through the border." Allegedly, Ho Chak water purifier cross-border cooperation with Founder Century, the two sides will integrate and share in the channels, products and services and other resources by leveraging each other, improve the channels campMarketing system, Ho Chak water purifier consolidate the leading position in the commercial market.

   In fact, only through cross-industry cooperation to achieve a goal is not the vendor of choice, make up the short board is the most important part.

   analysis, Ho Chak Group and Founder century will increase both the profitability and user stickiness to a certain extent. At the same time, through resource integration technology products and channels, take advantage of this new cross-border business cooperation model for both sides to achieve brand and marketing synergies additive effect.


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   or in health appliances purification products standard

   As a vertical branch, product purification technique is mainly divided into home appliance industry ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, one of the breakthrough technology is intelligent. Accepting reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry believe that wider use of reverse osmosis technology products, will provide technical accumulation and intelligent high-end development.

   Currently, many manufacturers introduced new water purification function is moving in large flux, long life, high saving and intelligent direction. In the end what kind of consumer products will be smart? Xu Shuang, senior research manager at Orville cloud network appliances Big Data Division Health Department of Electrical view, filter replacement, water quality data collection, life service connections are intelligent water purification products main performance.

   This year, the United States, A.O. Smith and other traditional home appliance manufacturers, millet, rice and other Internet clouds brands have accelerated the layout of the water purifier market. Whether it is pushing the new water purification technology or product upgrades, clean water and healthy living products have been bundled together. Future, technology and security upgrades two, three cities and the rural consumer market development, water purification products will be healthy or live electrical standard universal application in the family and through.

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