Shandong Province, the first ship -ecological water purifica

   Recently, Shandong Province, the first ship Eco-friendly water boat launching test run in Zibo City, Meng Reservoir. The ship set aeration, ecological change at the end, eco-dredging in one, with an effective improvement of water quality problems caused by troubled reservoir cage fish culture has been for many years.


   Reservoir is located in Zibo City, Meng Lu in the hinterland, it is a typical inland reservoirs in Shandong Province. In 2008 the implementation of a project to clear the cage, after nearly a decade of management, water quality has improved significantly. But every year in July - As the temperature gradually increased, the bottom of the reservoir water environment changes take place in September, was flocculent bottom water, low oxygen content, seriously affected the fish farming industry and agriculture and water supply.

   In September last year, the city of Zibo Mengshan Reservoir Management Office hired China Institute of Water Environmental IWHR, Ocean University of China experts Shidechakan live and to work "eco ecological change of dredging the bottom + + biodegradable "technical solutions. After nearly six months of in-depth research, scientific research, on April 6 this year, the provinces first set of ecological change at the end, dredging reservoirs, water replacement, aeration is one of the ecological water purification boat, the water in the city of Zibo Mengshan Reservoir test run.


   Eco-friendly water boat can be repaired bottom sediment Reservoir, without affecting the normal water storage. The reservoir bottom sediments up to the water surface is oxidized, decomposed, while the sediment is less likely to release water soluble nutrient release donor bacteria and algae reuse, so that the reservoir bottom deposition nutrient culture environment to re-engage the circulatory system, i.e., from the ecological cycle ways to strengthen the secondary use of nutrients, and ultimately to improve the ecological environment of the reservoir bottom water. The vessel further includes a cutter suction dredger dredging function. Sludge may be pumped to a reservoir bank processing, or in place islands deposited in the reservoir. This technology does not produce the original reservoir geological features large disturbance, removal of sludge treated can be a high-quality bio-fertilizer, can greatly enhance the fertility of the land surrounding reservoirs. At the same time, with the "fish raising water", the ecological environment and water quality fishing available rapid improvement. Existing more than 230 large and medium reservoirs



   Shandong province, most have implemented cage fish culture. Cage Culture underlying cause siltation pollution issue has become important challenges in every reservoir fishery ecological management. Through the implementation of eco-boat Meng Mountain Reservoir water purification, can beWater reservoir for the ecological environment in Shandong Province to explore an effective way, an important demonstration significance and ecological benefits.

   (Source: Zibo City Mengshan Reservoir Management Office)

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