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   time fixed in the January 1, 2017, the new year has begun. Recalling the 2016 Dulux home the first nine years, the family together through 365 day and night, to pay the sweat and hard work, full of joy and delight, only to be home more beautiful building. Thanksgiving everyone, select the home Dulux; Thanksgiving everyone, Dulux home tomorrow and hard work; Thanksgiving everyone, and home Dulux create brilliant; Thanksgiving everyone to home Dulux platform for the cause.

16鍚岃17鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒鎬荤粡鐞嗗垬灏忓钩鏂板勾瀵勮

   2016, we do a lot of things to be proud of and remember: we have established CNAS lab, laid the foundation for our quality assurance; our marketing commandos walked six to five provinces, establish a brand Dulux home a castle; our Ministry of Foreign trade will Dulux brand to all corners of the house, made major contributions toward the sun never sets Dulux home water purification Empire; we have received numerous customer recognition, with our sweat to win they recognized and respected; we were thinking training organizations, wash our souls with sweat and tears, and make the organization more cohesive fighting;

16鍚岃17鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒鎬荤粡鐞嗗垬灏忓钩鏂板勾瀵勮

   we have set up home Dulux University, for each re-learning and upgrading of skills of a family provides a platform;

16鍚岃17鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒鎬荤粡鐞嗗垬灏忓钩鏂板勾瀵勮

   we set up a joint laboratory with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, provides a platform for innovative technology Dulux home; we have organized a number of groups to build, many splendid views leaving home Dulux figure; we also ..... too beautiful, too much joy, too much sweat, converging home Dulux 2016 fine chapter.

   2016 to be beautiful chapter in 2017 we need to continue to create brilliant. This year, destined to be home to people Dulux vision of the most important turning point. Our founding of the carrier 8, only to show the most perfect image Dulux home. Our brand is about the city sounded the clarion call to break with routine business model innovation, become the protagonist of Chinas water purification stage. Our conscience needs quality sublimation, with our commitment to defend the dignity and choose home Dulux was right. Our revolutionary technology that will allow the industry to surprise the world imitate Dulux home. We will do more to make home Dulux more brilliant, let the world more recognized home Dulux initiative. Because, we will celebrate the tenth anniversary celebration Dulux home, we use the results declared to the world, home Dulux, Chinas first, world, universe first.

16鍚岃17鍏变韩 瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒鎬荤粡鐞嗗垬灏忓钩鏂板勾瀵勮

   In todays rapid development of things, the world changed with the speed of light in seconds. Kellogg scholars mustKeep high passion for learning, goal-oriented results of thinking to plan for the working methods of guidance, to the cautious attitude, love of the mind, to continue to write home Dulux chapter in 2017. I believe that all people can unite closely east of Columbia headed home Dulux, more than hard work, endless battle, we have to use the results to prove their worth. 2017, we only recognize the credit does not recognize elbow grease. We only find a way to succeed, not to find reasons for the failure.

   2017, Dulux come home ~ You are ready

   Note:!? "Pleasure house" to Shenzhen, home water purification Technology Co., Ltd. Dulux brand name, meaning as "something to fight for the cause of clean water for life", Dulux home of "who" hailed "who was friends to go all out."

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