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   Today, the water purification industry competition already in the aquatic hot state, water purifier companies wishing to seize more market share in the industry has become very difficult. However, the saying goes, "get the marketing world", water purifier enterprises need to closely follow the development trend of the times, strengthen marketing innovation. Wide

   has a range of online marketing, high speed, low cost, are not subject to any enterprise to its absolute limit, and have equal access to information and equality show their advantages. It enables small businesses to quickly expand awareness, network e-marketing small and medium enterprises of the unique "weapon." Each ordinary consumers are actively looking for "micro measures" to address the financial crisis, consumer demand will shift to more network has become a choice of many people, online shopping has also ushered in the best development opportunity, water purifier enterprises must seize this opportunity.

   now popular brand alliances form, look for a well-known brands in each category, we unite together to promote, to do marketing together, play is definitely greater than the effect of 1 + 1 2. For water purification companies, may also wish together with some home field of brands, local brands to form alliances. Indeed, for water purification industry, changes in competition, the pattern is inevitable, the only constant is change, so living in the competition there are only look at the market, micro ourselves to be invincible.

   attribute the current home building materials industry also developed from past the edge of the building materials industry to furniture (Habitat), fashion and culture across the industry direction, in addition to decorating the city, the home town of brand stores, outlets, conventional building materials outside the market, real estate companies, decoration companies, sales offices model room, will buy, appliance stores, furniture stores, supermarkets and other ordinary channels can be considered as a target growth markets. Also in the National 4 trillion investment affordable housing projects, but also brought the gospel for the water purifier business.

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