Water purification agents how to break the existing sales ma


With the worsening water pollution, water purifier has generally been accepted, more and more families begin to install and use a water filter, in this historical background, the water purification industry showed boundless market prospects, many investors have added to it to. However, not all the agents, dealers can get it, no mode of operation, did not operate in the industry means it is difficult to make a difference, then how does it work?



about the water industry experts suggest: whether novice or skilled replacement business venture brands, requires the prior outlook of the industry trends to understand analysis of the primary brand site visits, whether formal business qualification is complete, whether there is a certificate of registration brand, whether have a creative R & D institutions, whether there is an independent test Center, whether with their own production base, whether there is product demonstration display exhibition hall, etc. all be aware, strategizing, make up your mind proxy cooperation, successfully earn wealth market !


when industrial and domestic waste water pipes and arbitrary row of misplacing secondary pollution problems gradually emerging in the consumer front of the public, consumers deeply aware of their drinking water safety, health, water purifier gradually go the consumers perspective, not only sales increased year by year, also attracted numerous entrepreneurs influx of water purification industry. Then the face of strong market demand, water purification agents should seize the opportunity to develop business how it


First, water purification agents selected to join the brand


As the saying goes:? Men fear the wrong, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband. For water purification agents is definitely true in the face of enormous consumer demand in the market, water purification agents need to calm down and carefully chosen to join the brand, do not be in the interests of short-term and select three non-qualified niche brand . Among the current water purification industry, there is a higher voice Marco Polo brand water purifiers, water purifier manufacturers Marco Polo adhering to the "Seiko quality to create a healthy water standards," the brand vision, "Marco Polo" technology and development, to health goal, healthy life and create more value for consumers.


Second, water purification agents need to strengthen after-sales site service


any industry, the development of services are benevolent, especially in the water purification industry. The current customer behavior presents a very personalized features, consumers no longer just the pursuit of product design, qualityAnd effect, more is to look at water purification agents to provide the service. As the water purifier agents, not merely to provide consumers with a water purifier installed for the core, etc., also need to enhance the value of services to consumers, such as consumer explain value including product knowledge, regular testing products and so on.


Third, the maintenance of good old customers and achieve "the old with the new."


The practice shows that maintaining an old customer costs only the equivalent of 20-30% of the development costs of a customer, while the old customers and very easy to bring along new customers. When we choose a brand, neighbors and friends are willing to accept the views of the surrounding adoption, in addition, old customers recommend new customers, turnover rate of 80%, therefore, the development of new customers is important, customers also need to maintain seriously.


"Which brand of water purifier to join good?" Marco Polo water purifiers top ten water purifier brand has always insisted create excellent brand, professional focus depth of drinking water purification technology, it has a large production base of independent lines, product development testing center, product display demonstration showrooms, is the development, production and sales of water purification equipment of private high-tech enterprises. Marco Polo brand development history has been more than a decade of R & D strength, the team keeps a sense of innovation, the spirit of integrity services recruit world Magi, cooperation and win-win mentality to create great cause! VI brand image from a comprehensive upgrade since, supported by the agencys recognition and consumers, brand reputation spread far and wide, jumped promoted to "deep clean drinking water customized brand", "CCTV CCTV jointly promote the brand", "national comedy actor: Zhu Shimao portrait endorsement brand "brand influence should not be underestimated.


in water purification agent factory Which is better? Marco Polo was cloud water machine to support a stronger, better quality, better after-sale. Marco Polo is now recruiting a blank area of 鈥嬧€媡he country, hot in Join! Agents are surprises, so you quickly capture the market opportunities to win, get the pot of gold after joining!

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