Water-saving new technology focuses on individual maches all

   Water is the source of life, and water on the planet and is very limited, we often hear "water conservation is everyones responsibility," such words, human beings have never stopped research and invention of water-saving technology. Water accounts for about 70 percent of body composition, everyone sweat, but sweat can drink to say, it is estimated that no one will believe, but now there is such a technology, can the impossible possible.

   July 25 in cooperation with the Swedish charity UNICEF, developed a water-saving "artifacts" - sweat machine, it can filter by people who sweat, turning it into drinking water, realized the true meaning of "self-sufficiency."

   The machining process is not complicated, just sweat soaked T-shirt thrown in the drying machine, and then by heating, ultraviolet disinfection and filtration several high-tech processes, they can drink.

   designer said, sweat in 99% of the ingredients are water, but a sodden jersey only extracted about 10 mg of drinking water.

   Due to the limited amount of water purification, coupled with relatively high prices compared to water purification tablets, so "sweat machine" does not mass production.

   However, this technology has great benefit for the astronauts, the designers believe that the astronauts can apply the same principle to complete the purification of urine and becomes drinking water purification.

   either purified water or irrigation technology innovation; newborn either water or recycling. In recent years, it continues to introduce new, we developed a large number of water-saving new technology.

   Kenyan flower farms are being vigorously promoted a new irrigation technology. The system comprises a water tank, pipes, filters and other equipment sterilization, when the final water into the lake, there are appropriate measures to ensure that waste water sterilization does not affect the overall water quality of the lake. This technology not only saves 30-50% of water consumption, but also reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment.

   Singapore government aerospace astronaut water technology, used to accelerate the construction of new water and waste water filter impurities, use reverse osmosis to eliminate organic matter.

   easy to see that most of the conventional water-saving measures focus on the big picture, an industry or a field, but the invention sweat machine has focused on the individual. Let everyone honestly participate in water-saving actions, more individuals to play an active force, which will become a new way of saving water.

   Currently, there are more than 100 countries there are different levels of water shortages, 7.8 billion people lack access to clean drinking water, of which about 125 million children do not have safe drinking water. From technology innovation, to change the concept, from the concept of change, the implementation of the action, and not just national matter, a government thing, but you and I shared responsibility.

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