Water purifier sampling failed the problem lies in the filt

   The past two years, with the hot water purifier market in our country, the state authorities to supervise the water purification industry increasingly stringent. The State Administration of Quality Supervision, local quality inspection departments, the Consumers Association, the water purification industry associations have on the industry are some of the water purifier brand product sampling before, the extracted water purifier on the market, mostly selling the current product domestic water purifier relatively high profile brands, but the final result is often some great visibility, water purifier word of mouth has always been pretty good brand more or less problematic corresponding indicators failed.

   water purifier substandard products index generally reflected in what aspects of it, from the recent exposure of the water purifier quality point of view, indicators of failure problem purifier is mainly reflected in the net amount of water and the total amount of water, which the net amount of water to the water flow rate of water purifier, whereas the total amount of water over the life of the filter cartridge can purify about how much fresh water, however, there are sampling results show that a large number of fresh water currently on the market is in the product specification and relevant indicators to show that the problem regarding water purifier filter replacement or life, or exaggerate water purifier, which is no mention in the net and the total amount of water flowing water.


   substandard water purifier, in addition to the relevant indicators vacuity, but also with a large part of not knowing when to replace the filter have a great relationship, on the one hand the first responsibility Fang is a water purifier manufacturers, a lot of water purifier brand products in order to sell them, to attract consumers, tend to be weakened in terms of replacement water filter cartridges, filter water purifier does not accurately inform the actual service life, resulting in many users process uses a water purifier, often overlooked timely replacement of water purification filters this link, and then drinking the contaminated water, causing secondary damage to health.

   water purification filter replacement is not timely, from the aspects of the current errors people use water purifier may be present, has been a major flawed, from the manufacturers instructions on the one hand is not in place, the user is not on the one hand attention, or not willing to spend money due, therefore, to buy water purifiers, be sure to choose in terms of buy water purifiers, strong guidance, product descriptions, clearer water purifier brand, in order to avoid water purification in the late products during use causing secondary pollution, water quality impact on health, causing a direct threat to human health.

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